Saturday, October 31, 2015

"Make the Exercise of Faith Your First Priority" By Elder Richard G. Scott

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  • I don't disagree with what he's saying about needing to feel sadness to be able to feel happiness. I'd like it if he included the scriptures he's referring to in the text of the talk, rather than leaving them for footnotes.
  • He says our purpose is to come to earth "to be tested, tried and stretched." He doesn't include that the purpose behind this testing, trying, and stretching is so that we'll learn to come to Christ and follow Him. See Ether 12:27, Abraham 3:25, and lots of others.
  • I like that he talks about things we can do to use our faith. I tend to wait around for trials of my faith to appear, subconsciously considering those trials my only opportunity to use faith. I know intellectually that's wrong, but I tend to do it anyway.
  • I've found God to be far more talkative than I ever gave Him credit for. I don't take advantage of that enough.
    • There's more than just "buoyant peace" that comes from prayer. God talks back.
  • God does talk back through written word, but if you let Him, He'll talk back in much more interactive ways. Most of use refuse to let Him do it.
    • Even when talking back in ways other than by written words, God frequently quotes His scriptures.
    • The "voice of the divine" doesn't always sound like the King James bible.
  • Studying scriptures is a great way to show God you want a closer relationship with Him. It gives Him permission to teach you.
  • I don't doubt his promise that peace will come from studying the scriptures. I'll add, though, that you might not recognize it at the time.
  • "We all know there is no more peaceful place on this earth than in the temples of God" I'm not sure I know that. I've been in a lot of peaceful places that weren't the sort of temples he's talking about.
    • I certainly have enjoyed my temple experiences more when doing family names I found.

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