Thursday, November 5, 2015

"Trifle Not with Sacred Things" By Elder Larry S. Kacher

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  • Another talk saying, "Our choices are important. Here's a semi-relevant personal story."
  • One of the forces we regularly ignore is that of evil spirits. Fully half of Christ's New Testament miracles were casting out of evil spirits, yet today we pretend they don't exist and that it's all some psychological imbalance treatable by Zoloft.
  • "...the importance of acting for myself and not forsaking my agency to others." Exactly! That's one reason claiming the prophet can't lead us astray is so pernicious: it gives our agency away to the leader of the church, and denies him agency. The commonly promulgated doctrine that the Lord will kill off "His Prophet" before the prophet can lead the church the wrong way denies the leadership agency. If the Lord kills you before you can make a wrong choice, the Lord has taken away your agency.
  • I like his example of following what has given him comfort, and that he backs it up with properly applied scripture.
    • I also like his technique of setting difficult questions aside temporarily. This is different than ignoring them or contending in support of the "faith promoting" explanation for weird bits of Church doctrine, policy, or history. The problem is when "temporarily" turns into "forever".
  • If it's really ok to question, it would be nice of the Church to stop punishing people who do it.
  • If Christ won't "vary from that which He hath said", why do so many of our own revelations contradict current policy?
    • The history of polygamy is full of such things; one lesser known such revelation is the one John Taylor claimed to receive saying the Lord would never do away with polygamy. Another is the fact that D&C 132 and Jacob 2 directly contradict each other respecting David and Solomon.
    • The manners of church discipline, of sacrament, and of meeting in general have all changed drastically from what the Lord revealed.
    • For a time, the Church was not called in the name of Christ. This began in 1834 immediately after the law of consecration was abandoned, and continued for several years. Yet we've been told by revelation that it must be named after Christ.
  • Now we have another story of someone whose "heart turned in the wrong direction" because he questioned doctrine, and didn't "ask Heavenly Father for answers." The church talks a lot about people who "turn away", but always fails to recognize that these people's stories don't often fit within the nice box of obvious neglect of spiritual things. Many people have left the church after praying earnestly and at length that the Lord would answer their questions or at least present them some witness of the Church's truth, and have left only after this wholehearted effort failed to bring them discernible results.
    • The continued assertion that being in the Church is always equivalent to being on the path to Christ and salvation is likewise highly misleading, and obviously false.
  • "Priesthood was respected" in the Miller home. Great, but what priesthood was that, exactly? The one the scriptures teach, the one Joseph Smith taught, or the one the Church teaches today? They're not all the same thing.

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